November 26, 2018

Training IGTC+ Course

IGTC+ Course: Overpressure in Sedimentary Basins: Mechanism, Prediction, Application for Geohazard and Hydrocarbon Play
@ Harris Hotel, Sentul, Bogor
@ 9-11 November 2018

In November 2018 IGTC+ has launched another successful course. A three-day course was held in Bogor, comprising the introduction to subsurface pressure, data source to analyze subsurface pressure, overpressure generating mechanisms, overpressure prediction and estimation, and practical and geological application of overpressure. The course led by lecturer at the Department of Geology, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Mr. Agus M. Ramdhan, Ph.D., who has been maintaining his overpressure research by actively publishing his research in scientific journals (e.g. Petroleum Geoscience and AAPG Bulletin) as well as by presenting it in scientific meeting (e.g. AAPG workshop, EAGE workshop, IPA, and IAGI.

The course addressed the very basic knowledge of the geology of overpressure, so that the overpressure analysis could be performed as accurately as possible, to ensure that the geological objective can be achieved safely during drilling. Overpressure is a geological phenomenon, and like other geological phenomena, if we ignore geology in analyzing overpressure, the result will most likely be wrong.

Participants were also given Overpressure cases in some Indonesia’s sedimentary basins. We expect that participants have enjoyed the knowledge transfer and the study case discussion. And as usual, we hope that this course could bring added value to participants’ career life. We look forward to the next course of IGTC+ to follow the success of “Overpressure in Sedimentary Basins “.
OliNesia would like to thank all of participants for their active contribution in the class. Special thanks to PPPTMGB LEMIGAS who has contributed in the course. May the success be with all of you in your career.

What is IGTC?

Activity in oil and gas field in Indonesia is affected by the worldwide oil price down turn condition. In last two years, drilling activity has been slowing down and up to now there is no indication that it has bounced back to its previous condition. With the national production target of ±870,000 bbls per day whereas the country’s energy consumption is increasing, the government still expect oil gas operators to be more willing and be proactive in exploring new fields and drill more wells. Competent personnel are needed to fulfill Indonesia Government objective. Olinesia IGTC wants to be part to provide education and training to improve and enhancing the skill of oil field workers hence helping government in increasing the number of competent personnel in Exploration.